Providing Videoconferencing, Audio/Visual and Communications Solutions

Expedite Vertical Solutions

Expedite voice and video communications solutions have been implemented worldwide in the vertical markets of corporate, distance learning, government, telejustice, telemedicine, and others. Expedite's years of experience in these verticals is unmatched in the industry.

Expedite corporate voice and video communications solutions save time and money. They facilitate timely and highly productive collaborations and virtual meetings, without incurring travel delays and the expense of meeting facilities and travel. In particular, Expedite has years of experience and great expertise in delivering solutions to the legal and financial services market segments.

Distance Learning
Expedite distance learning conferencing solutions allow all participants to share in a broad array of educational courses, field trips, and collaborative projects, without incurring the expense of transportation, meeting facilities, and admission fees.

Expedite voice and video communications solutions allow government agencies to collaborate and hold virtual meetings, while saving travel time and eliminating transportation and meeting facility expenses.

Expedite telejustice conferencing networks provide a voice and video link between prisons, courts, parole boards, visitation facilities, medical facilities, and others. They save considerable time and money, and eliminate the safety and security risks of transporting and guarding prisoners.

Expedite voice and video telemedicine solutions save lives. They speed up the delivery of medical treatment to patients in ambulances and trauma centers, and they make unique medical expertise from remote locations available to the patient on an emergency basis.