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Expedite provides a broad array of quality services for all of your voice and video needs. Expedite is extremely proud of its more than 16-year commitment to delivering the ultimate in customer service and dependability to its long-time loyal customers worldwide.

Customer Support
Expedite provides the ultimate in customer support. Its technicians have the highest levels of vendor certifications and respond quickly to inquiries to the help desk. Expedite offers a variety of cost effective service contracts and provides test phone numbers to get you started on troubleshooting some problems. We are proud to offer customer support quickly without the long waits and many prompts found elsewhere.

Managed Services
If you have your own voice and video equipment, the fully trained and experienced Expedite Managed Services team can manage it for you without a hitch. Launching calls, moving camera's, mute/un-mute audio even letting you know when batteries in your remote control is running low are some of the offerings we can provide. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent ours. 

Bridging Services
If your voice and video needs have expanded beyond point-to-point communications, you don't need to buy and manage a multipoint control unit. You can use Expedite Bridging Services to expand your capability. And, best of all, you don't need to leave your desk. You can schedule a bridge through Expedite online. We offer a full range of features and services as well as gateway functionality. Also we offer additional capacity overrun service, so if you have a 20 port bridge and need 25 ports a few time a year can use our service for the additional capacity.

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Streaming can be used to send a feed out over the public internet. This can be a powerful and effective tool for users that wish to view a meeting live but cannot participate. Common applications are education, board meetings, and lectures. Archiving allows you to store these video or audio feeds for viewing later. Once archived they can be made available 24X7 for a period of time and can be fast- forwarded, rewound, or paused for example. 

Room and Equipment Rentals
If you would like to eliminate the high cost and inconvenience of travel, but aren't ready to purchase a video conferencing system, Expedite Room and Equipment Rental Services can help by providing you with video conferencing rentals worldwide.

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Leasing Services
Expedite Leasing Services offers a whole new perspective on taking advantage of the latest voice and video technology. When you lease equipment through Expedite we'll show you how you can finance 100% of your purchase, always stay current with the latest technology, and maintain it without charge.

Custom Solutions
Expedite is widely recognized by industry experts for its innovative custom voice and video solutions. We have won the prestigious Government Technology News Best Solutions Award. Why? Because of our approach. Our highly trained and experienced engineers start by analyzing your systems and requirements, and then provide a solution tailored to meet your organization's current and future communications needs. We are currently designing custom solutions for major corporations, legal firms, government agencies, schools (k-12 and universities) and hospitals.

Configure a Network
When you need to improve your organization's remote communications network, you really should call Expedite. Our engineers have unmatched video conferencing network design experience, and the most complete knowledge of emerging voice and video technology in the industry. Period. You will have complete confidence in the design, implementation, maintenance and security of your network when you work with Expedite.

Project Management
Once you decide to work with us on your voice and video project, you are immediately put in the good hands of one of our experienced, and extremely reliable, project managers. Your Expedite project manager will make sure your project is delivered on time, within budget, and with no headaches. You're in good hands with Expedite.

Consulting Services
Expedite Consulting Services will help you get the most out of your voice and video equipment investment. Our fully trained and experienced team will analyze your current and future business needs and recommend the most suitable solution for you.

Training Services
To get the most out of our voice and video solutions, get your staff into Expedite Training. All of our courses are taught by expert, vendor certified professionals who are guaranteed to help your staff become more technically proficient, and for you to get the most out of your investment.

Equipment Installations
Who are you going to call when you need either voice or video equipment installed? Expedite Installation Services. Certified Engineers from Expedite are recognized by vendors throughout the industry as the experts to call to help their customers get the most out of their equipment purchase.

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